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Lab Software Softlinx


SoftLinx™ is a powerful multitasking application for planning and running lab automation workcells. It is designed to make the programming and operation of lab automation workcells easy for lab personnel, yet flexible enough for custom modification by programmers.

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A leading provider of lab automation solutions

We produce laboratory robotics products, software and systems for automating and accelerating Life Science research.  Hudson specializes in integrating users’ existing and new instruments easily into laboratory automation solutions.  We have microplate movement and storage systems, as well as liquid handling solutions.  We also offer complete laboratory robot workcells for biological research and drug discovery in which our products are integrated with third party equipment to execute complex laboratory protocols.   All of our laboratory robots are tied together by our powerful, but easy-to-use, SoftLinx™ control software.  We have  written software integrations to the vast majority of third party readers and other lab automation equipment, with new integrations being developed on a regular basis.  

 We Produce:

  • Laboratory Instruments
  • Laboratory Robotics Workcells
  • Lab Software
  • Customized Laboratory Technology Solutions

  Our Equipment is Best Known for Being:

  • Accurate  –  Liquid handlers with low CVs, confident plate handling
  • Flexible  –  Our tools can be implemented in many different ways
  • Robust  –  Our products are built to last
  • Compact  –  We strive to give you back your hood and bench space
  • Efficient  –  Our software assures all equipment is in use when available
  • Easy to Use  –  Plug it in and it’s ready to use.