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Welcome to Hudson Robotics’ 2012 This is our first Newsletter of 2012. While we would normally have had several by this time of year, we have instead spent the first quarter of 2012 completely re-vamping our website. We have tried to make it more useful to customers and to those seeking answers to life science … Read more >

If your work involves bacterial colony isolation, especially for growing modified DNA as part of the antibody development process, Hudson Robotics can help you reduce the amount of tedious manual manipulation involved and cut significant time from your project. Because our new RapidPick™ ACIS Automated Colony Isolation System is fully automated, it can reduce the … Read more >

Hudson Robotics Announces New European Sales Representation Hudson Robotics recently announced the addition of Wagner Medical and Pharmaceutical to handle sales in continental Europe.  The extensive experience of Jürgen and Ingrid Wagner will enable Hudson Robotics  to react faster to their customers lab automation needs with customized solutions.  “Hudson Robotics is the leader in microplate automation, … Read more >

Hudson Robotics is pleased to announce major expansion plans for the company.  The company is currently setting up numerous new distributors in Europe and Asia as well as expanding exposure to these markets through advertising and local tradeshows. Our easy-to-use, robust workcell solutions are gaining interest in many of the midsize labs in Europe that … Read more >

      Hudson Robotics completes sale of custom RapidPick Lite to Dana Farber    Hudson expands the RapidPick Lite Automated Colony Picking System to include direct integration to a shaking incubator as well as in-line plate filling to meet the application needs of our customer.  The new system is controlled by SoftLinx V, Hudson’s … Read more >