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Hudson Robotics equipment

Microplating Icon BlueMicroPlate Handling

Microplate Products

These tools are designed to move SBS-footprint plates around a workcell, place and remove them from stacks and other devices, such as liquid handlers, readers, incubators, etc. All of Hudson Robotics' equipment can be easily integrated with third-party instruments to create work cells that automate applications and protocols with any level of complexity.

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Liquid Icon BlueLiquid Handling

Liquid Products

These instruments transfer liquids from various sources to SBS-footprint plates. They deliver volumes with very low CVs and can be safely used with live cell cultures. Much of their operation can be controlled and monitored by the SoftLinx control software; however, each instrument also comes with their own software control.

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Biological Reasearch Icon BlueBiological Research

Biological Research Products

These systems provide scientists with an automated systems for handling various aspects of biological and biochemical research. We provide workcells that automate various readers such as flow cytometers and label-free workcells. We also have the ProLink Express that provides a complete solution to all of your molecular biology research.

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Drug Discovery Icon BlueDrug Discovery

Drug Discovery Products

The workcells in this new category are being designed to allow researchers in the drug discovery field to run a wide range of useful assays. With the accompanying SoftLinx control software, it is possible to design complex assays with flow schemes that can vary as the nature of the results are obtained and examined interactively.

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