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Biological Research

Hudson Robotics equipment

Biological Research Automation SystemsBiological Research

These systems provide scientists with automated biological research systems for handling various aspects of biological and biochemical research.  We provide workcells that automate various readers such as flow cytometers and label-free workcells.  We also provide automated robotic systems that support specific molecular biology applications such as PCR preparation and purification, colony picking or cell culture development.  We also have the ProLink Express that provides a complete solution for all of your molecular biology research requirements.
Plate Crane EX

RapidPick - Fully Automated High-Throughput Colony-Picking WorkCell

The RapidPick™ is the first and only fully automated high-throughput colony-picking workcell that delivers performance and precision unparalleled in the Life Science industry. The RapidPick workcell, for the first time ever, will allow researchers to not only automate the selection and growth of cells grown on a colony plate, but will also retain a record and image of the specific colony and which culture plate/well it inoculated. It enables users to establish an unbroken data path from original colony to final result, such as tracking a clone to a specific expressed protein. This trail is indispensable to genetic researchers. This colony-picking workcell also has an integrated dispenser to apply fresh media to growth plates immediately before inoculation, limiting the potential for contamination.

Lab Linx

Dried Blood Spot Processor (DBS)

The Dried Blood Spot Processor (DBS) automates the identification, punching and inserting of dried blood spot samples into a 96 well micro plate, creating an accurate record on computer disk of the location of each sample. The DBS can be used for all tests which utilize a dried sample spot, including neonatal, HIV, tissue screening, and hemoglobin testing.

Non Thermal Adhesive

Label-Free WorkCell

This Label-Free work cell allows the scientist to automate the acquisition of protein-protein, protein-small molecule binding data as well as cellular assays that can all be carried out on the Forte Bio line of readers using BioLayer Interferometry (BLI) technology.  It enables real-time, label-free analysis of biomolecular interactions and can provide information on affinity, kinetics and concentration.

Vary Vac

RapidPick Lite

Hudson's RapidPick 'Lite' is a scaled -down version of our highly-regarded RapidPick Workcell for users who need high speed colony-picking but can't afford, or don't wish, to couple the automated plate-handling and picking/re-arraying functions with the RapidPick's immediate pre-pick media filling and immediate post-pick sealing of the growth/daughter plate.  The RapidPick 'Lite' offers all the capacity, throughput and picking/re-arraying features of the RapidPick workcell, but without media dispensing or plate sealing.  And, the RapidPick 'Lite' fits conveniently on most lab benchtops, taking up an absolute minimum of valuable laboratory real estate.

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SOLO_PCR - PCR Preparation and Purification WorkCell

Many of our customers wish to use the SOLO pipettor to automate the preparation and purification of their PCR reactions.  In response, we have developed a SOLOSoft procedure and a corresponding application note to demonstrate how the SOLO can be used to prepare plates that are ready for the thermocycler. We have also developed a new workcell designed to support both the PCR preparation protocol, and PCR purification as well.  In addition to the SOLO, this system includes two automated vacuum nests to the left of the SOLO’s deck (Hudson’s VaryVac).

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ProLink Express - Fully Automated Proteomics WorkCell

The ProLink Express™ represents a breakthrough in integrating laboratory instruments that will change the way researchers use automation. It is the first fully-automated proteomics workcell that integrates all plate delivery and transfer operations with complete data tracking. It automates the entire protein expression process, from initial bacterial colony picking through final protein expression and measurement. The ProLink Express system is capable of delivering a plate to any of its instruments from any other instrument, in any order and simultaneously with other processes.