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Liquid Handling

Hudson Robotics equipment

Liquid Handling Robotics Liquid Handling RobotLiquid Handling Robotics

These instruments transfer liquids from various sources to SBS-footprint plates. Liquid handling robotics deliver volumes with very low CVs and can be safely used with live cell cultures.  Much of the liquid handling robot operation can be controlled and monitored by the SoftLinx control software; however, each instrument also comes with its own software control. The Micro10x multichannel Dispensor comes with an LCD pad controller interface, and the SOLO comes with its own multifunctional Windows-based controller – SOLOSoft.
Plate Crane EX

Hudson SOLO Automated Pipettor

The Hudson SOLO™ is a low cost, high-throughput robotic pipettor that can be programmed to do anything expected of a hand-held pipettor, with high accuracy down to 1 microliter. Equipped with a broad dynamic volume range and the ability to handle reactions in a sterile environment, the SOLO can be loaded and operated manually, but is also compatible with robot loading systems from most manufacturers, including our PlateCrane EX.

Lab Linx


The SOLO Plus combines the best of our liquid handling solutions into one powerful product. It consists of the SOLO automatic single channel pipettor and the Micro10x multi-channel dispensor. The SOLO Plus is constructed so that the Micro10x has full access to one of the nests on the surface of the SOLO. This allows the user to accurately transfer small quantities of individual compounds and then quickly add common reagents and solvents.

Non Thermal Adhesive

Micro10x Robotic Benchtop 12-Channel Dispensor

Hudson's Micro10x™ Robotic Benchtop Dispenser provides a combination of fast filling speeds, high accuracy, and extreme flexibility ordinarily found only among large, expensive liquid-handling robots. The Micro10x accurately dispenses liquids in volumes down to the low microliter range, and is the only small dispenser capable of tip-touchoff to ensure a clean dispense of high surface-tension fluids. Its positive-displacement pump head is adjustable in increments of 10nL, and never requires recalibration.