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Hudson Robotics equipment

RapidWash™ - Ultra-Compact, High-Throughput Plate Washer

The RapidWash™ high-speed washer for 96-well and 384-well microplates offers high throughput washing for ELISAs, cellular assays, and other processes requiring washing and aspirating. Yet, it is the smallest (9.25”W x 15”D footprint) automated plate washer on the market. It fits comfortably in all robotic workcells or even on already cramped lab benches. Yet, the RapidWash offers performance that serious researchers with demanding needs will value:

  • High speed: less than 9 sec. 96-well fill/aspirate cycle
  • Low residual volume: <2uL per well
  • Programmable dispensing and aspiration rates
  • Programmable nozzle insertion/exit rates
  • Programmable residual volumes, with easy setup
  • High precision: <1% @ 100uL per well, plate-to-plate
  • Up to 2 wash buffer sources, automatically selectable


ELISA Assays

The RapidWash has already been integrated into a number of custom ELISA workcells. See our compact SOLO-based ELISA workcell for a very small complete system.