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Microplate Handling

Hudson Robotics equipment

Microplate Handling Microplate Robot AutomationMicroPlate Handling

Our microplate automation robots are designed to move SBS-footprint plates around a workcell, place and remove them from stacks and other devices, such as liquid handlers, readers, incubators, etc.   All of Hudson’s microplate robots can be easily integrated with third-party instruments to create work cells that automate applications and protocols with any level of complexity.
Plate Crane EX

PlateCrane EX - Microplate Robot Arm

The PlateCrane EX™ microplate robot is rugged, reliable and makes automating plate feeding to any instruments quick and easy. Its 450-plate capacity, AutoTeach Vision System, and lid-handling capability put it in a technology class beyond any other laboratory robot.

Lab Linx

Microplate Storage and Transport System

LabLinx™ is a microplate delivery system that contains a control system, stacks, tracks and stoplinks. Each nest position situation along a TrackLink™ includes a StopLink™ which automatically detects the presence of a plate, closes to position the plate precisely within the nest, and sends a signal to the software control system to indicate the arrival of the plate to initiate the appropriate response.

Vary Vac

VaryVac Robotically Controlled Vacuum Nest

Hudson’s VaryVac™ robotically-controlled vacuum nest for filter plates has a unique combination of automated lid opening and sealing, precise closed-loop control of programmable vacuum levels, as well as an on-board computer that controls and monitors vacuum ramp-up, hold level and ramp down. It can be set to notify the user if a desired threshold vacuum level is not obtained because of a damaged plate rim, for example, or other causes of an incomplete vacuum seal.

Bar Code Printer

Bar Code Print and Apply

A high performance, high capacity solution for bar code labeling of microplates. The workcell consists of a 600 dpi Printer – Applicator and a Hudson PlateCrane microplate handling robot. The Print & Apply™ Workcell is an integrated platform designed to be installed in any laboratory.