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Hudson Robotics equipment
Single Channel Pipettor Multi Channel Pipettor SOLOSoft SOLOSoft is the software program included with Hudson‘s SOLO Automated Pipettor. It can be used as a direct control panel to operate the SOLO in standalone mode, or it can be run in the background by Hudson’s own SoftLinx, or other workcell control schedulers, as part of an automated workcell.

SoftLinx is a powerful multitasking application for planning and running lab automation workcells. It is designed to make the programming and operation of lab automation workcells easy for lab personnel, yet flexible enough for custom modification by programmers.

Model Optimize Run In-House Assays VaryScreen Integrations – Hudson has developed hundreds of add-ins to allow the user to build complex workcells with either Hudson’s robots and/or those from third party vendors.